About Us

Dene Samajache

’Artistry’ (an event management organization), every year organize an unusual social event Dene Samajache ( I Owe it to society ) for promotion of activities and different kind of work conducted by various social service/ charitable organizations, since its inception, 2005. Around 30 social organizations will get a chance to exhibit their activities-absolutely Free of Cost! These organizations gets an overwhelming response & also receives lot of help in various ways. Visitors get highly impressed and express their gratitude towards "Artistry" for conducting such an unusual event.

I owe it to the society

The purpose of the event is to enable the public to discover organisations that are deserving of charitable and philanthropic donations. This is the 16th year of the exhibition, which is conceptualised by Veena Gokhale of Artistry. We select organisations located in remote parts of Maharashtra, who otherwise have no exposure to the urban-based donors.

30 organisations are selected every year and once selected, each organisation can exhibit only for two years in a row. So, each year, 15 new and 15 old organisations get the opportunity to showcase their work. This is how we introduce new organisations to donors . Prospective donors either contribute on the spot or decide to do so in the future. Many of them turn into long-term donors. Not just money, these organisations also look for volunteers, and the exhibition provides a platform to attract those interested in contributing their time.

These charitable organisation work in diggerent geographical areas including backword and needy distrincts in Maharashtra,in various segments of society.Since 2005 to 2019 ,around 180 NGO's benefitted thorugh this event & received the donations of more than 6 crocres from the society.